The Educational Water Park


designed to educate, develop and entertain

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is an educational water park, where children and adults can be engaged in exploring construction and operation of hydro-technical devices, learn about retention and use of rainwater.

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The Educational Water Park

Children love water, that is why the educational water park is a perfect place where they can have fun and get a grasp of basic concepts related with water management. How does a dam, Archimedes screw, Pelton turbine, Abyssinian well or a watermill work? There are countless ideas for educational and entertainment devices, and you can do pretty much everything with water: let it flow, stop it, change its direction, raise or accumulate its level.


HYDROFUN is also environmentally friendly because it uses rainwater collected in the HYDROZONE BENEFIT retention reservoir, which can store water for municipal purposes, and for watering plants.

Najważniejsze zalety HYDROFUN

Playing together outdoors

HYDROFUN is a great alternative to a computer or smartphone. Above all, it is a great relaxation in the fresh air, as well as the opportunity to spend time together with parents and peers.


HYDROFUN – the interactive education about water management


The climate change and growing water consumption causes a water shortage in more and more countries. Poland is not an exception, in fact, it’s just the opposite – for each person there is three times less aquatic resources as is the European average.


Human negative impact on our planet will influence the way of life for future generations. This is why the education for sensible and responsible water management and developing a pro-ecological attitude starting from early childhood is so important.


A proper ecological education should teach children about nature and being environmentally responsible. The circuit of water in nature and teaching how to save it is worth demonstrating to children. Raising awareness and sensitivity towards the environment, respecting its resources, is of utmost importance.

HYDROFUN as an element of a modern city, commune or housing estate

ukacyjną i rozwojową.


One of the arguments to live in a certain place is the presence of nearby recreational areas and playgrounds for children. Recently cities and communes started to revitalise inner city parks and recreational areas, so citizens can spend time with their children in open air. An easy access to water parks in such places is an additional advantage, especially appreciated during a hot summer.






Developers, trying to convince potential buyers, nowadays pay more attention to an estate design and have more creative ideas how to arrange it. Those places are meant for relaxation and safe fun, but in the same time it is important to provide educational and developing role.


The solution for this is the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN. It fits perfectly in green zones of a city or commune, like housing estates, parks or recreational areas.


The educational modules are designed to be interesting for children of each age group. The facility includes small architectural elements, like benches, sunbeds, shelters, bicycle stands and so on, which provide relaxation zones by the sound of gently lapping water even for adults, making it a peaceful place to stay.