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Hand pump

in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

A hand pump with a narrow pipe is a water source supplying the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN. Its resources are complemented depending on demand with a pipe connected to a technological system. It is capable to lift water on 5 up to 7 meters from a well located directly underneath.

How does the hand pump look like?

A hand pump is usually built by placing a pipe in a ground through which water can be lifted. This type of a pump is commonly used in allotment gardens and summer houses, where there is no electricity that could power an electric pump. A force rod placed on top of the device is used for pumping water.

Wells for hand pumps are made in two ways:

  • by placing a pipe with filter at the end in a ground;
  • by installing a casing tube, then placing a pipe with filter at the end and removing the casing tube.

The first solution can usually reach 10 m deep and water come from the upper layers of aquifer, the second solution may reach deeper layers, where water is at pressure.

How is the hand pump in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN installed?

The hand pump is installed at the beginning of one of open channels or directly by other devices placed in the park, in such a way that the direction of water flow would not disturb their proper work. The device is anchored to a foundation adjusted to its size.

Well is made of spheroidal cast iron and stainless steel. Finishing materials usually are: wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood, plastic or other along with client’s requirements.

Hand pump

Dimensions of the device

Height: 0,57 m

Width: 0.66 m