Katalog zabawek

The rain house

in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

The rain house is a perfect lesson about rainwater retention. Children can see for themselves how resources are wasted, instead of collecting and reusing them. This visualisation shows how much water from urbanised areas outflows to rivers and other water bodies without stopping on precipitation site.

How is a rain house built?

Above the roof of the house there is a rain shower head supplied with water from a pipe connected to the technological system, and it simulates real precipitation. Water runs down the roof, then through a gutter, and down to one of the open channels of the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN or to other devices.

The construction is installed on prepared foundation adjusted to external dimensions of the device. Usually it is placed at the beginning of one of open channels. It can be also placed directly by one of devices. Placing it by a device requires that the direction of flowing water will not disturb the operation of a given device, and it is important to provide enough space to freely use the rain house.

Materials used are usually wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood, plastic or other according to client’s wish. Specific finishing patterns and solutions are adjusted individually.

The rain house

Dimensions of the device:

Height: max 3 m

Width: max 2 m

Length: max 2 m