Frequently asked questions

For children of what age the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN is intended?

The educational modules used in this investment are designed to be interesting for each age group.

Are devices safe?

Keeping in mind safety of the youngest guests, all devices are designed to be stable, reliable and safe. Materials used are resistant to weather conditions, possible rotting or corrosion. The water park also has a modern management and monitoring system that allows to fully control a proper work of devices.

Is the area of The Educational Water Park open or limited?

The project usually includes a fence limiting the playground, but everything depends on client’s individual preferences and requirements.

Where does the water for running HYDROFUN devices come from?

It is rainwater that comes from roofs of nearby buildings and is preliminary purified and stored in the HYDROZONE BENEFIT reservoir.

Is the water quality safe enough for children’s health?

HYDROFUN technological system consists of combined water reservoirs and equipment dedicated to maintain a proper water quality. It is frequently being analysed, and the continuous flow of water and purification processes keep it clean.

Is the Park open during fall/winter season?

Due to technological reasons HYDROFUN Park is adapted to operate during spring/summer season. In between seasons water is drained, but the facility devices do not require to be dismantled. It is possible to place a pavilion with sanitation systems that would allow to continue water education for youngsters even during fall/winter season. While the Educational Water Park is not operational, devices inside that pavilion could provide entertainment even off-season.

Beside playgrounds, are there any other infrastructure elements designed for adults?

The investment includes small architectural elements, like benches, sunbeds, shelters and bicycle stands, but it is possible to add other elements according to client’s individual needs.