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in the educational water park HYDROFUN

Watermill wheel

Watermill wheel (also called a water wheel) is one of the oldest, known since the 3rd century BC, machines that use forces of nature. Because of its simplicity it was in use even in the past century.

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The Archimedes screw

The Archimedes screw, also known as the screw turbine, is an invention attributed to Archimedes, but in fact it is much older construction used in times of ancient Babylon.

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The weir

A weir is a kind of a dam that closes water flow in a channel, levelling it to the height of about 1 m. Such devices are meant to reduce the flow of water or to level it on 2–4 m wide trenches. A weir is additionally reinforced when installed on bigger trenches with stronger water stream or while creating higher water levels.

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The Pelton turbine

The device was created by the American inventor Lester A. Pelton, who was inspired by a water wheel and came up with the idea of a water turbine.

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Hand pump

A hand pump with a narrow pipe is a water source supplying the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN. Its resources are complemented depending on demand with a pipe connected to a technological system. It is capable to lift water on 5 up to 7 meters from a well located directly underneath.

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The pump with a poppet valve

Pump with a poppet valve is one of water supplies for channels and devices located on the surface of the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN. Its power is modified depending on needed efficiency and water pumping height. The main part of the device is a valve for water flow regulation.

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The rain house

The rain house is a perfect lesson about rainwater retention. Children can see for themselves how resources are wasted, instead of collecting and reusing them. This visualisation shows how much water from urbanised areas outflows to rivers and other water bodies without stopping on precipitation site.

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