The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

By a shopping mall

The Educational Water Park will be perfect in the vicinity of larger shopping centers that we visit with our children.

The Educational Water Park suits perfectly nearby bigger shopping malls, which we often visit with our children. Kids are rarely interested in shopping and get bored rather quickly (unless we are in a toy shop J). Modern shopping malls should take those needs and expectations of youngsters into consideration while arranging space.

Not every installation has to be indoors. Modern playgrounds are not only swings, carousels or sandpits. Children’s expectations are growing, and the equipment available in such places, beside fun, should also provide educational function. The innovative recreational and educational space of HYDROFUN is both fun and beneficial for youngsters, a perfect way to spend time in open air.

Kids can explore in an attractive form topics related with retention and use of rainwater and how hydro-technical devices work. The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN is a perfect place for parents, who may find there a moment of relaxation after shopping.

This kind of a park may have a similar purpose like rain gardens that use rainwater for watering plants, creating beautiful green zones – so important in a packed space of a shopping mall. Collected water may also be used for irrigation, watering plants or for municipal purposes.

HYDROZONE BENEFIT in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

The Educational Water Park is supplied with rainwater that comes from roofs of nearby buildings and is preliminary purified and stored in the HYDROZONE BENEFIT reservoir. This solution saves space, especially in vast shopping centres with sufficient underground infrastructure, like multi-level underground car parks.

Layout of the Water Park and applied devices

The core of the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN consists of a set of channels connecting each device and water reservoirs located on the surface, along with combined water reservoirs and equipment dedicated to maintain a proper water quality.

The pumps used to supply water for channels and other devices of the Educational Water Park are located on both sides of the Park. One of the pumping stations has a poppet valve, which is opened by a button located on its casing. The other is hand pump that draws water from a tube well.

Both pumps set in motion Pelton turbines, then water flows towards levelling weirs. Other interesting devices placed in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN are: the Archimedes screw and a watermill wheel.

Each device is installed on prepared foundations, adjusted to the size of a device. Devices are made of a high quality stainless steel, wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood and plastic.

Other elements of the Park:

  • buffer tanks’ jackets, technical wells, clean water reservoirs, clarifiers and pumps
  • water treatment devices installed in technical wells
  • control panel
  • hatches, covers, ventilation tubes, float valves located in wells beneath pumps, ladders
  • piping between buffer tank, technical well, clean water reservoir, and a horizontal clarifier
  • pumping stations

Remote management and monitoring system of the Water Park

BUMERANG SMART is an integral part of HYDROFUN park management and monitoring system that provides full control over all devices:

  • monitors water level in retention reservoirs
  • controls retention functions
  • controls watering of green zones
  • monitors work of devices and set off alarms when malfunction is detected
  • monitors quality of water
  • generates maintenance alerts

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