The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

In a housing estate

Nowadays a good location, an interesting design or a large car park are not enough to make a housing offer attractive. Potential buyers are now looking also for nearby relaxation zones or playgrounds for their children.

Playgrounds are often the only places for youngsters in a crowded urban space. In order to make it appealing for different age groups, one has to consider not only physical but also intellectual needs of children.

What’s the reality? It occurs that in most cases such places are dull and boring. Regular playgrounds’ devices does not develop and stimulate imagination, and kids get bored rather quickly.

The answer for children’s growing expectations may be the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN that creates a modern playground and relaxation zone among greenery and the sound of lapping water. HYDROFUN is a special place, which can motivate our children to take care of the environment and raise their environmental awareness.

This kind of a playground creates a perfect opportunity for kids to make new friends, learn about team cooperation, and for parents – it is a way to get to know their neighbours and build bonds with them.

The Educational Water Park with HYDROZONE BENEFIT reservoirs

HYDROFUN is a relaxation zone supplied with rainwater collected in the HYDROZONE BENEFIT reservoir. Elements of equipment that are properly configured fulfils the needs for purify, retention and management of rainwater and thaw water.

Placing water pre-treatment devices near the jacket of a retention reservoir lowers the installation costs and saves space, which is important in a limited housing estate area.

Place for the Educational Water Park and applied devices

The water circuit in the Educational Water Park runs through retention reservoirs and a set of channels located on its surface, which connect all devices. The channels are supplied with water that comes from pumps with poppet valves and hand pumps, all located directly by the Pelton turbine.

On one of the channels there is the Archimedes screw, another has the watermill wheel installed. The last device used in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN is a weir, which is a kind of a small dam that release levelled water when opened.

Every element is made of the highest quality materials, and installed on prepared foundations, adjusted to the size of a device.

To make sure that the park located on a housing estate is used only by those for whom it was meant, the area may be fenced. This will eliminate the problem of empty cans, bottles and other rubbish, as well as waste left by animals on a walk.

For safety reasons, the location should be as far from roads and technical infrastructure, like high voltage transmission lines, as possible. It would be convenient to place the Educational Water Park near buildings – so parents could watch their children out of windows. At the same time it should be located in a distance, so that the noise caused by children playing in the park does not disturb residents of an estate.

Other elements of the Park:

  • buffer tanks’ jackets, technical wells, clean water reservoirs, clarifiers and pumps
  • water treatment devices installed in technical wells
  • control panel
  • hatches, covers, ventilation tubes, float valves located in wells beneath pumps, ladders,
  • piping between buffer tank, technical well, clean water reservoir, and a horizontal clarifier
  • pumping stations

Remote management and monitoring system of HYDROFUN the Educational Water Park

BUMERANG SMART is an integral part of HYDROFUN park management and monitoring system that provides full control over all devices:

  • monitors water level in retention reservoirs
  • controls retention functions
  • controls watering of green zones
  • monitors work of devices and set off alarms when malfunction is detrected
  • monitors quality of water
  • generates maintenance alerts

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