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The Pelton turbine

in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

The device was created by the American inventor Lester A. Pelton, who was inspired by a water wheel and came up with the idea of a water turbine.

How does the Pelton turbine work?

The Pelton turbine is an example of an action turbine that is designed to work with a high speed water jets created by the drop height of a couple hundreds of meters, where a total static drop height reduced by flow losses is converted into kinetic energy of a water jet. The extracted energy is transferred to a rotor with blades, specially designed and arranged at an angle of 90 degree to the water jet, and a drive wheel with a hub.

Because of the different levels between upper and lower water tables, falling water turns the turbine and exits through an outlet.

The Pelton turbine installed in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN is a simplified version of a water turbine without high-pressure nozzles that would allow to regulate the size of an exit funnel through an axle displacement. Real Pelton turbines are built with horizontal and vertical shafts. Horizontal shafts usually have a maximum of two funnel nozzles, while in vertical shafts there are up to six nozzles.

How is the Pelton turbine in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN installed?

The Pelton turbine anchored to a prepared foundation is installed in a specially designed place alongside of an open channel or directly by a water source. The turbine shaft’s support is placed on sides of an outlet channel, leaving enough space for water to reach blades.

The Pelton turbine is made of a high quality stainless steel and, depending on client’s needs, finished with wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood or plastic. The turbine is available in two versions: 400 and 800 mm.

The Pelton

Dimensions of the turbine

400 mm in diameter:

Height: 0,57 m

Width: 0,66 m

800 mm in diameter

Height: 1,09 m

Width: 0,78 m