Katalog zabawek

The weir

in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

A weir is a kind of a dam that closes water flow in a channel, levelling it to the height of about 1 m. Such devices are meant to reduce the flow of water or to level it on 2–4 m wide trenches. A weir is additionally reinforced when installed on bigger trenches with stronger water stream or while creating higher water levels.

Where are weirs used?

Weirs are used mostly for land reclamation or in small bodies of water, like ponds. They are used to prevent flooding, for recreational purposes, to create reservoirs of potable water or for hydropower facility purposes.

Because of a compact size, the operation and maintenance of a weir can be done manually, without any external device. Other advantages for using a weir are: low costs, easy assembly and relatively long-lasting durability.

How does a weir in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN work?

Levelling water surface is done to create energy, which is generated when a stream of water is released from a weir. It is necessary to include on both sides of a weir a proper drop height to enforce water flow. Excess water flows over a closing or through a special notch located upstream of a channel.

The device can be placed anywhere in the Educational Water Park alongside of an open channel supplied by one of water sources. Just like other entertaining devices, it is installed on a pre-designed foundation.

The weir is made of a stainless steel and sealed with EPDM membrane. Available finishing materials are wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood, plastic or other within given technological limitations.

The weir

Dimensions of the device

Height: 0,74 m

Width: 0,6 m

Length: 1,2 m