The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

In a city park

Nowadays a good location, an interesting design or a large car park are not enough to make a housing offer attractive. Potential buyers are now looking also for nearby relaxation zones or playgrounds for their children.

Building an attractive and safe playground for children requires consideration of various matters, like space arrangement, a proper choice of devices used, and park’s location. It is rather noticeable that such places are absent in public city parks.

The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN fits perfectly in almost all green zones, recreational areas or relaxation zones. Placing it in a city park is a great solution for having a good time in open air for the youngest thrill seekers, and for their parents to have a moment of rest.

Unlike city fountains, here children can play safely with clean water, which can be directed through various channels using interesting hydro-technical devices. For small children it is a great occasion to develop before starting school – they learn working in a group, patience, and improve interpersonal skills.

HYDROZONE BENEFIT System in the Educational Water Park

The Educational Water Park is not only a good fun, but it is an important element of increasing small water retention in an urbanised area. This plays a key role in drought prevention, as well as local flooding prevention activities. Small water retention is also a way for managing rainwater and reducing its outflow.

The water park is supplied with rainwater, which is preliminary purified and stored inside the most technically advanced product of HYDROZONE line – the BENEFIT reservoir. Additional modules applied in this solution allow to use gathered water for irrigating, watering plants in a park or for municipal purposes.

Layout of the Educational Water Park and applied devices

The Educational Water Park HYDROFUN technological system consists of combined water reservoirs and equipment dedicated to maintain a proper water quality. Its surface contains a set of channels connecting each device and water reservoirs.

A stream of water flows into obstacles, creating waterfalls, and moves water turbines or wheels while dropping from heights. At times, when its flow is closed, water changes its direction, other times it stops on a dam.

Primary water sources supplying channels and particular devices are: hand pump, pump with a poppet valve, and rain shower head located above rain house. Interesting elements of the Park are Pelton turbines and water wheels, which use the energy of falling water to operate. In the centre of the Park there is the Archimedes screw, which can be set in motion by a crank with a handle.

Each device is made out of a high quality materials and installed on a prepared, safe foundations, adjusted to the size of a device.

Other elements of the Park:

  • buffer tanks’ jackets, technical wells, clean water reservoirs, clarifiers and pumps
  • water treatment devices installed in technical wells
  • pumping stations
  • hatches, covers, ventilation tubes, float valves located in wells beneath pumps, ladders
  • piping between buffer tank, technical well, clean water reservoir, and a horizontal clarifier
  • control panel

Remote management and monitoring of the Educational Water Park

BUMERANG SMART is an integral part of the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN’s management and monitoring system that provides full control over all devices:

  • monitors water level in retention reservoirs
  • controls retention functions
  • controls watering of green zones
  • monitors work of devices and set off alarms when malfunction is detected
  • monitors quality of water
  • generates maintenance alerts

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