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The Archimedes screw

in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN

The Archimedes screw, also known as the screw turbine, is an invention attributed to Archimedes, but in fact it is much older construction used in times of ancient Babylon.

The history of the Archimedes screw

The contemporary history of the device falls on the 19th century in France, where it was used as a water wheel. In the 20th century the Archimedes screw was used as a turbine, and nowadays it is still in use in small hydropower facilities. The Archimedes screw can be found in Poland, for instance, in the mini-hydropower facility built on a weir on Radomka river near Goryń village in 2011, and also in Luboszyce, Zygmuntowo or in Bielsko-Biała.

How is the Archimedes screw in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN built?

It is one of the most attractive devices installed in the Educational Water Park HYDROFUN, which is used for lifting water and other fluids, as well as bulk materials.

The lifting device consists of a screw placed between a water tank at the bottom end and an outlet at the top of a tube. The flow of water inside the tube is possible only at a sufficient drop height of the outlet.

While operating, the bottom end of the screw has to be submerged to properly scoop up water. Water flow in a device begins when a crank with a handle is turned. Generated motion scoops up water from the tank and lifts it up with the screw inside the tube.

The upper part of the Archimedes screw is installed on sides of an outlet channel. For an effective water flow, the top end of the screw is above the outlet channel. Whole device is mounted on a prepared foundation.

The Archimedes screw is made of stainless steel, and the finishing materials, depending on requirements, may be: wood, HDPE sheets, polyurea coatings, waterproof plywood or plastic.

Archimedes screw

Dimensions of the device

Height: 1,45 m

Width: 0,75 m

Length: 1,35 m